Traditional coffee machines

Caret Eco 1,2 or 3 Group

Automatically learns how you use it and adapts its energy consumption in a way that the machine is always ready when you need it and when your not it automatically switches to energy saving mode. Both good for the environment and your wallet.



The G10 Range

The machines in the G-10 range are elegant and solid, with a sophisticated design that draws attention to them. The wide range of models means that you will always find a machine that perfectly suits your needs. We have combined our genuine experience of building first-class espresso machines with creative solutions and the latest innovative technology. Therefore, you can be sure that all G-10 machines deliver what they promise. That is, a perfectly brewed espresso to your guests. Every day, year after year. G-10 fits in all types of environments, from small local diners to top-level restaurants..





The Zircon

II Group Traditional


The Zircon range consists of a group of well-known espresso machines in a large number of models. From the basic model to more advanced ones with many features. Regardless of model, you can be assured that all are built using the well-known Expobar technology. In other words, you are guaranteed machines of the highest quality that makes the barista’s work much easier.


With a machine from the Zircon range, you are also given a great number of choices so as to best suit your business. Together with the many options and the stylish design, the experience of the Zircon range is complete.






The Diamond

II or III Group Traditional



A top of the range, stylish automatic espresso coffee machine that comes with either 2 or 3 group, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. Three steam tap, one equipped with a temperature sensor and two hot water taps. It’s equipped with maximum precision temperature control using PID technology. Display: advertising, automatic dosing of hot water, time management, and memorization of total brewed coffees, daily automatic switch ON/OFF of the coffee machine, control of the boiler temperature through display.


Art no:





1-phase: 4330 W
3-Phase: 6330 W

Dimension machine

Width: 1080 Height: 600 Depth: 620


Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea


1-phase, 2-phase +N, 3-phase +N

Water filling